Despite Being Pursued As a Villain, All The Heroines On My Side?

Chapter 147.1: Will You Be My Hero? (1)

Chapter 147: Will you be my hero? (1)

At that moment, everyone was shocked and speechless.

Only Su Mingyuan was looking around proudly in the center.

He looked handsome, talented, high-spirited, and heroic!

You want to compete with me, Young Master Su?

As for you, are you worthy of becoming Mengning’s investors?

Sorry, I, Su Mingyuan, have nothing but a lot of money!

The CEOs of the competing companies, as well as the wealthy businessmen, all clenched their fists secretly and couldn’t help but want to hit him.

Is there even a competition at this point?

You offer money to other people without asking for anything in return!

Who can compete with you!

Even Xiao Ran was unable to maintain composure at that moment; the hand holding the wine glass was slightly trembling.

52 million investment, but only 1% of dividends…

What a prodigal son!

Su Mingyuan, a god for nothing, is the ideal prodigal son.

Such a free condition…

Even with Xueqi’s recommendation, the help of his junior brother, and the various bonuses he gave, he didn’t think he could do it now. He wouldn’t be the one to have the last laugh.

No wonder Su Mingyuan became arrogant so quickly, even after being hit. Of course he had the capital of arrogance for throwing money like this! However, Xiao Ran only clenched his fist lightly. Then he quickly smiled, feeling that he was completely worrying too much.

Even if Su Mingyuan offered such generous and free terms, he believed that Liu Mengning, who despised Su Mingyuan, would not choose him as an investor solely for the free money.

He believed in her, and also believed that the efforts made by him, Xueqi, and his junior brother would not be in vain.

It was not an absolute certainty, but was it significantly worse than 100 percent?

Xiao Ran regained his composure, looked at Su Mingyuan’s complacent look, and sneered in his heart.

Su Mingyuan continued to laugh, indulging in his own craziness.

No matter how much you’re smiling and how proud you are right now, your heart will feel even better when you know you are the real loser.

Currently, the entire banquet hall has become a stage for Su Mingyuan alone. Even though he was crazy and full of himself, after hearing his speech, almost everyone could only hold back their anger.

Because in their view, this time it was really important to be close to Su Mingyuan.

Although one could comfort oneself in their hearts that this guy was stupid with a lot of money, he was a fella unbearable prodigal son. Outside the golden icon, he was trash, but how could he have a better family background than them?

If they said these comments to his face right now, it would simply demonstrate how jealous they were.

So the whole hall echoed with laughter for Su Mingyuan and those dogs who wanted to flatter him. It was extremely harsh, like a loud noise that tortured the brain. Everyone’s face was a little ugly, and they were secretly unhappy with him.

Su Mingyuan watched as it was almost 8:00 sharp, and he even took the time to go to Xiao Ran’s side to fully interpret the arrogant and hateful face of a villain.

“Xiao Ran, why don’t you talk?”

“Do you think Mengning will choose you if you give her a little gift?”

“And you, Xia Xueqi, do you believe that if you help Xiao Ran say good things, you may influence Mengning’s decision to choose him?”

“What’s the use?”

“In the end, you can only watch me, Su Mingyuan, become an investor in Mengning Company, and after making so many efforts, you can only meet the end of failure like a waste!”

“You guys just laughed at me in the hall on the first floor, didn’t you? Thinking that you had the upper hand, that smug and elegant look, gee…..?”

“Now, why aren’t you laughing now?” “Laugh in front of me, laugh!”

Arrogant, aggressive, and ferocious!

Facing Su Mingyuan, who roared loudly, the corners of Xiao Ran’s mouth turned up slightly, and he laughed.

His indifferent smile showed his demeanor, which was in stark contrast to Su Mingyuan’s.

“Young master Su, everything is possible before the result comes out.”

“I don’t think Miss Liu will choose you.”

Won’t you choose me? You really know how to dream, and you really have the face to smile, Xiao Ran! I’m still here, delusional about the possibility of less than 1%, thinking that Mengning will choose you?”

“Very good, very good! You just keep smiling at me like this. Keep smiling at me! When Meng Ning comes out to announce the investor choice, I hope you can still smile like this!”

At that moment, the minute hand of the clock moved to eight o’clock sharp.

The lights of the entire venue suddenly dimmed down, a beam of light hit the high platform built in the centre of the hall. Liu Mengning seemed to summon all the beauty of the world as she appeared in front of them with light footsteps.

Su Mingyuan suddenly became excited, glared at Xiao Ran viciously, and said loudly, “You bastard, keep that smile for me from now on. Listen carefully; I really want to see: When you bastardly ushered in failure, can you still smile so brightly!”

At the same time, Liu Mengning walked to the front of the microphone and seemed to start announcing who was finally chosen.

The atmosphere was a little tense and dignified. Even if he knew that Liu Mengning would not choose him, but would choose Su Mingyuan, what if?

No one could tell, right?

The CEOs, businessmen, and rich people who participated in the competition were so nervous that they clenched their hands secretly.

The rest of the onlookers also tightened their hearts and wanted to know who Liu Mengning finally chose as her investor, and they also held similar ideas to these competitors.

Although Su Mingyuan’s look suggested no tension, what if?

Liu Mengning knew what everyone was anxiously waiting for, so she didn’t do anything to foreshadow it, and said directly, “After some comparison and selection just now, I have selected my favorite investor, he is…”

Speaking of this, she paused slightly, and looked in the direction where Su Mingyuan and Xiao Ran were.

Sensing her gaze, Su Mingyuan suddenly grinned proudly, revealing an exaggerated smile. “Mengning is looking at me, and the person she chose is really me!

“Xiao Ran, you trash, your failure is already doomed.”

“Next, you better not cry a face and whine like an abandoned kitten, which is what only women do. “

“Your words—don’t you like to laugh at me? Then you should continue to laugh at me at this time. Just keep a smile on your face after listening to the speech of Mengning. Don’t show an unwilling and angry expression, you know!”

“Don’t worry, I will definitely take pictures and record your funny appearance with a forced smile, and then I can laugh at that picture all day, hahaha! “

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