I'll Quit Being a God

Chapter 191.1: Part 1

Chapter 191: Gathering of Great Individuals (1)

Inside the capital, the atmosphere became lively due to the sudden arrival of the Li Tribe people.

Not only did those who enjoy hustle and bustle come out to watch, but with the Li Tribe's reputation preceding them, and now with the High Priest of the Li Tribe leading the team, even the quiet-loving cultivators couldn't help but leave their residences to see this mysterious and unfathomable Hanhai Department of the Li Tribe.

Above the long street with surging seawater, the Li Tribe people, dressed in cool clothing and resembling wild men, all followed behind the High Priest Li Po, indifferently making their way through the streets of the Mermaid Kingdom.

Faced with the curious onlookers along the street, this group of Li Tribe people seemed to be completely unaware, not even giving them a glance. Eventually, under the guidance of the caretaker, the Li Tribe people settled into a secluded small courtyard.

However, after the Li Tribe disappeared, the atmosphere within the capital didn't cool down, but became even more lively.

For the Mermaid Kingdom, the Li Tribe can be considered rare guests.

Especially the Hanhai Department, although often adrift at sea and close to the Mermaid Kingdom, this group of Li Tribe people has never been attracted to the Treasure Conference held every twelve years by the Mermaid Kingdom that can attract heroes from all over the world.

Now that the Li Tribe people have participated in the Treasure Conference, it is definitely a new and fresh thing for people. Many spread the word and tell their friends as new topics of conversation.

It's just that the Li Tribe people are not easy to provoke, so although people are curious, they dare not go to their place to cause trouble. Li Po, the priest of the Hanhai Department, is known as the genius of the Li Tribe, which is rare in a hundred thousand years.

Once he split the East Sea with one sword, killed the evil demon Qinghaichao, and his reputation shook the world.

Even though he has encountered great changes and his cultivation has been stagnant for many years, he is still one of the top characters. Who would dare to tease his beard?

Moreover, even without mentioning the priest Li Po, the people from the Hanhai Department who came to the city are not to be trifled with by ordinary people.

Although the Li Tribe's nine clans have a small population and don't involve themselves in worldly affairs by wandering through the world, every member of the tribe is born with extraordinary powers.

In the past, regardless of whether it was a demon or the ruler of a great nation, any entity that clashed with the Li Tribe's nine clans ultimately met with downfall and destruction, whereas the tribe remained unharmed.

Although the Li Tribe's nine clans have interfered little in the affairs of heaven and earth throughout the years, their very existence cannot be ignored.

Regarding the sudden arrival of the Li Tribe's people to the city, speculation and discussions never-endingly swarm within the various open restaurants and taverns. Everyone is curious as to what kind of treasure could have lured the Li Tribe people, who are famously known for having such high standards when it comes to exotic treasures.

After all, the Li Tribe were fond of metallurgy and the world's top divine weapons often came from the Nine Li Tribe.

Therefore, the ability to invite the Li Tribe, who have always been uninvolved in the world of spiritual cultivation, must be due to the emergence of a precious treasure.

Inside the tavern, Madame Green Bamboo sat by the window listening with a smiling countenance to the conversation of two young cultivators passing by, discussing the remarkable abilities of Hanhai Department, and laughed as she turned to the Great Sage of Fu Feng on her seat.

"Even the Hanhai Department's priest has come in person, it seems that this year's Treasure Conference will be more lively than usual."

The Great Sage of Fu Feng, who wore a scholar's gown and looked frail and weak, laughs heartily and says, "I had heard rumors before that this year's Treasure Conference would feature a rare treasure that only occurs once in a millennium. I hadn't paid much attention, but now that I see Priest Li Po, it appears likely that this rumor is true."

As he speaks, the Great Sage of Fu Feng quaffs half a jar of wine and says, "Later on, let us go to the posthouse and inquire. Since Li Po has come, he must have insider information. We might even be able to make a windfall…Hahaha…"

Madame Green Bamboo's lips twitch at the sight of the seemingly frail scholar guzzling wine with his head thrown back.

She actually wanted to remind her brother, whom she had met over three hundred years ago, that if he was going to act, he should do the whole thing and cultured people don't drink like that.

But knowing his personality, even if she could remind him to be careful here, he would show his true colors somewhere else.

Anyway, the Great Sage of Fu Feng has made a great reputation in the South Sea, and no one dares to laugh at him.

With a slight smile, Madame Green Bamboo said, "Brother Tiger, do you know the priest of Hanhai Department?"

This is a fresh piece of information.

Who was the priest of the Li Tribe? How could he be acquainted with the Great Sage of Fu Feng? And they seemed to have a good relationship too…

Three hundred years ago, the little the Great Sage of Fu Feng that still needed her help unexpectedly rose to fame and surpassed even her, a practitioner of the dark arts, in just three hundred years.

Madame Green Bamboo smiled at the seemingly refined "gentleman" in front of her, but her heart was filled with a bitter sense of sadness.

The ancient legacy is truly extraordinary, as in just three hundred years, the Great Sage of Fu Feng has carved out a vast territory.

In comparison, she, a devil who cannot endure loneliness and turned to the dark arts, is simply a joke. Both are demon cultivators, but with different destinies and luck, the difference in their situations is truly vast…

Madame Green Bamboo felt conflicted while the meek man before her just smiled.

"Thirty years ago, during the migration of the Hanhai Department, I encountered them at sea. The Iron-eating Behemoth that the Hanhai Department had been raising for generations was a giant turtle the size of an island."

"At that time, I was chasing a rare Tombfish in the sea. The Tombfish had a human face and a fish body, but it had hands and feet, which was extremely peculiar. It was said that the flesh of the fish was also extremely delicious."

"I chased after it for three days and three nights at the intersection of the Western Sea and the South Sea, using various tactics to encircle and intercept it, and I was about to catch the Tombfish, but suddenly a huge island appeared in front of me."

"When the Tombfish escaped to the sea area in front of the island, a huge monster head suddenly emerged from the sea and swallowed the Tombfish that I had chased for three days and three nights."

"At that time, I was so angry that I wanted to take out the Roaring Goose Sword and slay the giant turtle that was trying to steal the prey, but little did I know that this turtle was an iron-eating creature that had been raised by the Hanhai Department for generations. At the moment when the blade pierced the sky, it attracted the Hanhai Department's Priest Li Po on the island."

"I battled him on the sea for two hours and was eventually defeated and convinced by his palm strike, but Priest Li Po didn't bully me for having lower cultivation. Not only did he help me repair the cracks on the Roaring Goose Sword, but he also warmly entertained me with good wine and food. Finally, he personally tailored a set of armor for me, which was very hospitable."

"I stayed on the island for more than two months before saying goodbye and leaving. Occasionally, when I was bored, I would go to drink with him. I even helped him find more than a dozen Heavenly Thunder Sands that he had been searching for before."

"With our relationship, if I were to personally inquire about the inside information, he would definitely tell me."

The Great Sage of Fu Feng wiped the oil stain off the corner of his mouth with his sleeve and suggested, "Let's pay a visit to Hanhai Department after this meal."

Seeing the uneasy expression on Madame Green Bamboo's face, the Great Sage of Fu Feng quickly reassured her, "Qingjie, you don't need to be nervous. Li Po is a good person and doesn't discriminate against supernatural beings. Plus, with me introducing you, you don't have to worry about him looking at you differently."

The Great Sage of Fu Feng's comfort caused Madame Green Bamboo to smile awkwardly and nod.

However, she didn't actually want to visit the Li Tribe…How formidable was the High Priest of the Li Tribe? She could hide her aura technique from the Great Sage of Fu Feng in front of her, but she might not be able to hide it from the high priest of the Li Tribe…

In order to avoid the mysterious and unpredictable man in white on land, she had come to the South Sea incognito, relying on the protection of the Great Sage of Fu Feng in front of her to barely calm her nerves.

However, the Great Sage of Fu Feng was clearly no match for the priest of the Li Tribe… If her identity as an evil cultivator was exposed, at most, the Great Sage of Fu Feng would at most sever ties with her due to the bond of gratitude for saving her life.

But if that priest of the Li Tribe saw through her… then it would be dangerous.

She didn't want to escape from the mysterious and unpredictable man in white, only to fall into the hands of the priest of the Li Tribe.

While the Great Sage of Fu Feng indulged in his food and drink, Madame Green Bamboo pondered about how to politely refuse the invitation to join the Li Tribe. Suddenly, there was commotion outside.

The desolate street became lively once again.

Madame Green Bamboo was taken aback and turned to look out of the window, only to see a huge exotic beast, Boyi, carrying a carriage appearing at the gate of the city.

Behind the carriage, followed four columns of black-armored riders.

The armor of each black-armored rider was full of the scars of time, mottled and ancient. Many armors were even covered in cracks.

The warhorses under them were also draped in ancient armor. Between the armors, one could vaguely see the blood-red eyes of the warhorses, which were terrifying like nightmare monsters.

Faced with these four columns of black-armored riders, no one dared to show a sneering expression, no matter how shabby their armor was.

Because even the cultivators on the South Sea, who have not personally seen them, must have heard the prestige of this mysterious black-armored army…

"The Immortal Kingdom? The Dark Armor Army?"

The Great Sage of Fu Feng widened his eyes and wore an expression of disbelief.

"And that carriage of Boyi's… Luo Yujun has arrived?!"

The Great Sage of Fu Feng's eyes almost fell out of his head. "Isn't that old monster supposed to never leave the Immortal Kingdom? Why has he come to the Mermaid Kingdom?"

"Could it be that the treasure obtained from this Treasure Conference is so valuable that even this old monster, who has not left his house in thousands of years, has been brought out?"

The Great Sage of Fu Feng was dumbfounded, while Madame Green Bamboo was shocked in her heart.

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