Lord of the Truth

Chapter 458 Sudden Escalation

"These… are good questions…" Fugon put on a fake smile and said, he really didn't know what else to say.

Over the course of about two hundred thousand years, many wise men put forward multiple theories about what was going on, some of them were somehow close to what Robin just said, but those wise men tested the strength and capabilities of the Tree Fathers themselves and read their long history in detail before arriving at their theories

But Robin was able to break down everything to such a degree and made his own theories after the few words he heard Fugon says?! This is simply too much...

Secondly; the terms Robin spoke... *Did that affect the local humans?* Why does he speak as if he wasn't one of them? Or * the laws of this planet * What planet? What does this word basically mean? And what is an *Emperor*?!

Fugon glanced sideways again at Ellis out of curiosity to see how she would handle everything Robin had said and found her still sweating profusely and her eyebrows knotted like a thread...

Fugon knew at that moment that she is most likely thinking about the same things and also like him, she didn't come to any answers... 

A lot of strange things can be extracted from Robin's words, but they are also floating words that are not evidence of anything.

Then he returned to look at Robin with a completely different look this time, trying to impose control by closing his eyes and speaking at a slow pace no longer had any effect, he couldn't even master the front anymore! 

Now, he has nothing but a serious look and anticipation for every word that would come out of the mouth of this... stranger...

As for Robin, he held his head with both hands for a few seconds, evidently in great pain, then lowered it and gently shook his head and spoke, "...You said you didn't come out from behind the trenches to attack the Tree Fathers' domination circles for a very long time, more than a hundred thousand years, maybe? And yet here we are, sitting and talking in Tree Father Hoffenheim's domination circle, hmm… did you see the lightning attack and knew the Tree Father was in trouble and decided to fish in troubled waters?"

"…Your words have some truth, when the lightning attack is activated, it strikes down everything that flies in the air, even insects and birds. It is an attack so powerful that even the Tree Father himself cannot activate it just for the sake of fooling around. Although we don't know how many times he can activate it, he definitely cannot repeat it again in the short term! so when we saw it we knew that Tree Father Hoffenheim was under attack and we decided to intervene to see what was happening." Fugon nodded earnestly, "We were sure that the rest of the tribes didn't send armies or else they would tell us, so we were sure that there had been a quarrel between the Tree Fathers and that this was an internal war between them, but we didn't think for a while that we would meet you… Our lost relatives…."

"Hehe, so you knew with certainty that your presence in the lands of Tree Father Hoffenheim was due to us, and it was also us who helped you crush his armies of buds and secure you a new piece of land, yet you decided to push my army back hundreds of kilometers? That is just fantastic! You have a unique way of showing your gratitude." " Robin chuckled as he looked into Fugon's eyes

"...I hope you will excuse us for this, Brother Robin, because we wanted to make trenches and secure as much ground as possible quickly before Tree Father Hoffenheim sends more reinforcements or other Tree Fathers intervene. You must understand, right? Secondly, some of the blame falls on you as well, without trying to communicate with us properly and prove that you are a lost human tribe, how do we know that you are not a new kind of bud that the Tree Father wants to fool us with? In fact, until now this possibility has not been completely ruled out."

"Oh, haha, I apologize for my bluntness Brother Fugon, but you saw a hint of my Golden Battalion's power when you teamed up against the Bud armies, do you honestly think that…" Robin laughed out loud at first but his gaze turned serious at this point, "…we need to get closer to you and *fool* you in this way?"

"I think you underestimate us too much, Mr. Robin…" Fugon furrowed his eyebrows and spoke

"Oh, really? I am not the one who insulted your army and pushed it back in your absence, although my boys were clearly showing good intentions. This is the same army that marched and toured Tree Father Hoffenheims' domination circle, The same domination circle that you and your ancestors were afraid to set foot in, Do you think we are afraid of you? What a fool! If My disciple Jabba acted as he should and repaid a portion of the aggression you showed him, you would all be dead by now." Robin raised his head and spoke from the top of his nose, the disdain was very clear in his words and eyes

Features of anger began to appear on Fugon's face clearly, he wanted to open his mouth several times to respond, but he couldn't find anything to say!

The atmosphere inside the tent was frighteningly heavy, no one said a word after that, they just looked at each other and made their own calculations... Even Ellis, who was standing behind her father, tightened her hand on her weapon.

"Your Excellency... you can forget... the past!" Jabba intervened tactically

"…Hmph, my army has been insulted in my absence, that means I have been insulted, my dear disciple. I created an army that could destroy this entire world with a wave of my finger, how could I allow my great army to be insulted? and at the hands of whom? THESE UNGRATEFUL THINGS?"

Robin's words of power sent chills down Fugon's back, 'Destroy... the world? F*CK!! Does that person even realize what he is saying?!'

But before Fugon could say a word, Jabba spoke again, "What if... they apologize?"

Robin was silent for a few seconds and then gave a small nod, "…Tsk~ we came to look for our kin anyway, it would be bad luck if we destroyed the first tribe we see… well an apology is fine, but it better be a damn good one!"


"Who are you destroying? Come try!! Do you think we are afraid of you?!" Ellis hit her spear on the ground and shouted

"Do I think you are afraid of yourself, huh.. well yeah, you should be afraid." Robin looked at her with the side of his eyes and spoke with apparent disdain

When Ellis heard that it was like a vine popped out her forehead, she was about to take a few steps forward and actually attack Robin, but Fugon's fist, which was about to shatter from the intensity of the pressure on it, prevented her from doing so, and he gestured at her to return to her place

However, his eyes did not leave Robin for a moment.

With that confident little smile and that upside-down look and crossed hands, Robin seemed to have complete confidence in what he was saying, He really believed that he could wipe them out if he wanted.

And most importantly... Fugon didn't sense any killing intent from him at the same time.

His daughter might not see it, but he understood... 

What Robin is doing now is not out of his anger or his feeling of being insulted as he claimed... This is nothing but a game of control.

As he himself played it and pushed back the Golden Battalion repeatedly by intimidating them, and by forcing Robin to come to his tent and not meet him in the middle of the road, and the way he spoke and sat since he saw him... These all were just mind games to impose control.

Fugon indirectly wanted to show the newcomers who were the boss here.

But he never thought that Robin, someone who had neither land nor numbers advantage, would want to play the same game, and with such a blunt way at that...

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