Raised in Dungeon

Chapter 10 10 : Not A Single Word Of Mine Could Reach Her

Dark and stinks room, inside that room dozens of goblins' corpses are scattered on the floor. Not just goblin corpses. Blood also almost covered the floor and walls.

Allen just stood there in front of the trembling—cowering Lavina. If anything were heard inside that room, it would be Lavinia's sobs, but all of a sudden...

"You messed it up, Allen,"

Queen Orc's voice came from outside. She stood in front of the door.

Allen immediately looked back and yelled.

"Mother! What have you done to Miss Lavinia?!" Allen spoke madly.

Queen Orc sigh, then answer.

"Humans have gotten stronger recently, so I should negotiate with the goblins to work together to fight back against the humans who came. Since there were no female goblins, they relied on humans to reproduce. I believe she already told you everything, and because she was planning to escape, I offered her to the goblin."

Allen was outraged again, he felt every reason Queen Orc's said was unacceptable to him. Because of his time with Lavinia, he finally began to appreciate human life.

"Then why?! Why didn't you just use another human?! Why should it be Miss Lavinia?!"

"My skills aren't omnipotent, orcs were very difficult to control, and capturing a living human is very hard."

Allen clenched his fists and bit his lip. He was angry, but he didn't know what to say.

"Oh I see…" Queen Orcs then continued…

"You like this human. Maybe I shouldn't have let you learn about humans in the first place."

Hearing that, Allen quickly lands his fist on his mother. Queen Orc slapped Allen's body with only the back of her hand. As a result, Allen was thrown against the wall

When the orc queen saw that Allen's hurt because of her slap, her expression changed for a second.

"I hate…" Allen muttered.

Since this was not the first time his mother had hit him, he was aware that the strength she was used to smacking him was not as intense as it had been in the past. But for some reason, he felt that this moment was the one that hurt him the most.


The orc queen was silent for a few seconds, and then she answered.

"Alright," said Queen Orc as she closed the door.

Allen then curled up and sobbed. He was so angry at his mother, it was because of his mother that Lavinia said such a cruel thing to Allen. But what hurt him the most now was the fact that he also said hurtful things to his mother, even though he knew how hard it was for him when Lavinia said it.

At that moment, Allen sobbed until he fell asleep.




Allen woke up, but he wasn't in his regular light-room. When he opened his eyes, he was in a somewhat dark room with just one torch for illumination. His first sight when he opened his eyes was Reig, who formed a slimy substance. Reig waved his tiny hand at Allen.

"Thank you, Reig, for looking after me while I was asleep."

Then Reig entered Allen's shadow.

Allen looked at Lavinia, who might not have slept all the time. Her condition seems more severe than before.

After hearing what she said, Allen had no courage to talk to her, but he also didn't want to leave her either. He didn't want to go back to his house, either.

Allen walked to the door and opened it. He saw a bucket of water outside the door. Queen Orc must have put it down.

Knowing how caring his mother was, the subsequent wave of shame made him even less eager to see his mother.

Allen collected the goblin's equipment and piled it up. He used the iron helmet as a bowl and fired goblin's clothes. He cut the goblin's ears and boiled them.

After he had done cooking, Allen, with a worried face, walked up to Lavinia while holding a bowl. He offered that bowl to Lavinia as he did when he first met her.

"This is goblin's ear soup. I just took its ear, so after boiling it twice, the poison will definitely go."

He offered the bowl to Lavinia, just as he had the first time he met her, but this time he could properly speak to her.

Lavinia reached out for the bowl with her hand.


She smacked the bowl, the soup inside the bowl now scattered on the floor. Allen, again, bit his lips. At least he wanted Lavinia to eat well, he wanted Lavinia to eat it voraciously, just like she did when they first met.

Allen picked up his bowl and put the bowl near Lavinia.

"You can eat that anytime you want."

Allen returned to his position and muttered,

"I already speak the same language as her, but I feel not a single word of mine could reach her."

Their communication was even worse than when they didn't understand each other's language.

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