Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 12 - Hospital VIP

Chapter 12: Hospital VIP

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As Aunt Xu pushed the wheelchair, she said to Xiao Xia who was not far away, “Go get the driver to prepare the car!”

“The car is already…” Xiao Xia was about to refuse when she saw Lin Yun’s cold gaze.

She immediately lowered her voice and mumbled, “Miss Lin Yu has already booked a car…”

Aunt Xu glared at Xiao Xia. “Is there only one car left at home?”

Although Xiao Xia was a little unwilling, she still turned around and ran out to report to the butler.

After a while, a black car stopped outside the Lin family’s courtyard.

Aunt Xu looked at the car and her expression turned ugly.

Lin Yun’s expression didn’t change, but a mocking smile appeared on her face.

Housekeeper Lin hurried forward and explained, “Miss Lin Yun, I’m really sorry.”

“The Old Master, Madam, and Miss Lin Yu each used one. Only this one is left…” Butler Lin revealed an apologetic smile.

However, there was a hint of mockery in his smile.

Aunt Xu was about to say something when Lin Yun interrupted her. “Aunt Xu, I’m in a hurry. Please help me get into the car.”

Aunt Xu had no choice but to swallow her words and help Lin Yun into the car.

This black car was at least 10 years old. It was probably not even worth 10% of the other cars.

Aunt Xu was really curious about where Butler Lin found this broken car at the last minute!

After all, with the Lin family’s habit of being extravagant, such trash would definitely not appear around the Lin family’s courtyard!

Lin Yun got into the car. Aunt Xu put away the wheelchair and got into the car as well.

The driver was a newbie and looked at Aunt Xu and Lin Yun respectfully.

Aunt Xu instructed the driver to drive to the hospital, then her eyes darted to Lin Yun’s face.

Seeing no change in Lin Yun’s expression, Mrs. Xu sighed.

Lin Yun was not in the mood to care about the Lin family’s little tricks.

After all, this kind of shady business paled in comparison to the disgusting things the Lin family did to her back then!

By the time they arrived at the entrance of the hospital, it was already completely surrounded.

This was Haicheng’s largest general hospital, and the VIP rooms were reserved for the wealthy families of Haicheng.

The medical standard was top-notch, so the fees were naturally top-notch as well!

Lin Yun was treated here back then because she was still the eldest daughter of the Lin family!

If it was now, the Lin family would not bear to let her stay in this hospital for even a day!

Lin Yun was pushed by Aunt Xu into the hospital through the VIP passageway.

As Lin Yun had not gone through the discharge procedures, the hospital ward was still reserved for her.

When she arrived at her own ward, Lin Yun told Aunt Xu that she wanted to have breakfast from Longji Restaurant and asked her to buy it for her.

Aunt Xu didn’t think there was anything amiss and agreed readily.

“Miss, if you’re bored staying here alone, shall I call Xiao Ma over to chat with you?” Aunt Xu couldn’t help but ask before leaving.

Lin Yun shook her head and said, “I’m a little tired. I’ll take a nap first!”

As Lin Yun spoke, she leaned against the bed and narrowed her eyes.

Aunt Xu saw that Lin Yun’s eyes were slightly dark, and her heart ached. She nodded and went out to buy breakfast for Lin Yun.

The moment the door closed, Lin Yun opened her eyes.

She got into the wheelchair, opened the door, and headed for the seventh floor of the hospital.

This hospital had VIP wards on all six floors and above.

Level 6 was the medical examination area.

The seventh floor was the ICU and emergency area.

Lin Yun’s ward was on the ninth floor, second only to the VVIP ward area on the tenth floor.

She went straight down from the 9th floor VIP elevator to the 7th floor without any obstruction.

When they arrived at the emergency area, Lin Yun saw four tall men in black suits waiting outside the operating theater from afar.

Lin Yun recognized two of the men. They were Lu Chen’s bodyguards.

She hurriedly wheeled herself towards the operating theater.

Not far away, one of the men in black had already walked over. “Miss, you can’t go near here. Please leave!”

Lin Yun looked anxiously in the direction of the operating room and asked the man, “Is Lu Chen inside?”

“How is he?”

The man in black looked at Lin Yun expressionlessly. “Miss! Please leave as soon as possible!”

Lin Yun frowned slightly. She walked around the man and tried to look at the operating theater.

The man blocked Lin Yun’s view completely.

“You…” Lin Yun was a little angry.

She knew that it must be Lu Chen inside!

But how was he now?

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