Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 16 - A Life in Danger

Chapter 16: A Life in Danger

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“Mr. Lin, your daughter has just finished her surgery. It might be dangerous for her to do this!”

A male voice rang in Lin Yun’s ears.

She looked around but did not see anyone.

“It’s okay! Just draw!” Lin Cheng’s voice sounded incomparably firm.

“But it’s very harmful to her body. Even if her life isn’t in danger, it can still make her weak and ill for the rest of her life!” the voice said earnestly.

“Why do you have so much nonsense to say, doctor? A human life is at stake!” Wang Lan’s voice rang from the side, sounding especially sharp.

The doctor hesitated after hearing what Wang Lan said.

Treatment was a doctor’s duty.

But he really couldn’t sacrifice one life for another!

Just as the doctor was hesitating, a voice came from afar. “Doctor Wang, the patient is getting weak. If we don’t transfuse blood now, it will be too late!”

Blood transfusion?

Lin Yun looked in the direction of the voice. The white mist gradually dissipated, and several figures suddenly appeared in front of her.

Lin Cheng hurriedly pointed at Lin Yun and said, “Stop waiting! Hurry up and draw!”

The doctor sighed and instructed the nurse to draw Lin Yun’s blood.

Lin Yun frowned and looked at her unconscious body on the bed. Her face was pale.

After three bags of blood were drawn out, Lin Yun’s breathing on the bed became a little weak.

Doctor Wang was a little worried, so he asked the nurse to quickly bring the inhaler for Lin Yun.

Lin Cheng and Wang Lan sat on the sofa at the side. Although they were staring at Lin Yun, their thoughts didn’t seem to be on her at all.

Within five minutes, the nurse from before ran over again.

“The operating theater said that there aren’t enough blood bags…” The nurse looked at Doctor Wang with a troubled expression.

Doctor Wang was stunned for a moment. He looked at Lin Yun and asked the nurse, “Have you contacted the blood bank in the city? Is there any news?”

The nurse shook her head. “No! There’s no match!”

Lin Cheng quickly stood up and walked to Doctor Wang. “Doctor, the blood that has been transferred is not as effective as fresh blood!”

“Don’t worry. In order to save him, I believe my daughter will understand!”

“Continue drawing!”

Doctor Wang was stunned when he heard Lin Cheng’s words.

Seeing that Dr. Wang was in a daze, Wang Lan quickly walked forward and pulled Lin Yun’s clothes. She said, “Draw! Hurry! What if something happens to CEO Lu!”

Lin Yun sneered as she looked at herself lying on the bed with bags of blood being extracted.

This was probably what happened to her in her previous life!

Although she did not know why she saw all these, she had finally found the reason why her body had been weak since the accident in her previous life!

At that time, Wang Lan always said that she had a weak constitution from a young age.

She was also accused of showing off when she was free. Not only did she get injured and hospitalized, but she also implicated her parents.

After Lin Yu’s appearance, she had taken over many things that Lin Yun could no longer bear.

At that time, under Wang Lan’s flattery and guidance, Lin Yun had even thanked Lin Yu for it.

Now that she thought about it…

What a joke!

On the bed, Lin Yun was frowning and her arms were shaking uncontrollably.

Doctor Wang quickly ordered the nurse sternly, “Prepare for emergency treatment!”

It was only after the last bag of blood was taken away that Lin Cheng pulled Wang Lan aside to allow Doctor Wang give Lin Yun first aid.

Looking at her trembling body on the bed, Lin Yun suddenly chuckled.

In the next moment, she felt a sharp pain in her head.

When she opened her eyes again, Lin Yun was still lying in the ward, and there was no one beside her.

She let out a light breath and could not help but chuckle.

In the evening, in the VVIP ward on the tenth floor of the hospital…

“CEO Lu, Mr. Fu is back and wants to see you.” Ning Kun stood respectfully by the bed.

Lu Chen held the tablet in his hand and said without looking up, “No!”

“Third Brother, this is your fault!” Fu Heng said as he walked toward Lu Chen’s bed.

Lu Chen frowned and finally looked away from the tablet.

“The security of this hospital needs to be strengthened!” he said coldly, looking at Fu Heng with unfriendly eyes.

Fu Heng rubbed his nose and said with some grievance, “When they heard that something had happened to you, I specially booked a flight back from Las Vegas!”

Lu Chen snorted but did not say anything.

Fu Heng looked as if he was holding his heart and turned to Ning Kun. “Ning Kun, don’t you think he’is heartless!”

Ning Kun’s lips twitched awkwardly. He did not intend to participate in the interaction between the two brothers.

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