Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 5: Party, Bold Idea, and Another Mission Completed

Chapter 5: Party, Bold Idea, and Another Mission Completed

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The prom was the last formal event of senior high, and after that, the students could start spending their time as they wished.

Some went on a trip, some traveled around in preparing to further their studies, some started looking for a job, and so on. Most of them would start doing all that after the prom.

Although some of them were staying behind in their hometown, Luke and Jimena had long known each other’s plans.

The difference in their grades was rather big.

Luke’s results were above average, and since he had long accumulated enough credit, entering the state university was a possibility.

As for Jimena, she had barely been able to accumulate enough credit right before graduation.

Nevertheless, she still planned to enter a community college and further her studies. She longed for the big city life.

It seemed that the two were fated to be unable to continue their relationship.

But they had never talked about it seriously. In any case, something like this was in fact incredibly common among high school couples, and not many people would be overly bothered by it.

Now that Luke had suddenly said that he was staying here to become a police officer, it was a change that nevertheless wouldn’t affect their plan to break up after prom.

Jimena would never stay back.

She was full of life, and would never remain in a small town like this.

After a long while, she said, “But you must go to Martha’s party tonight.”

Luke nodded with a smile. “Of course. Do you need me to dress up in the suit I prepared a month ago?”

Jimena laughed and hit him playfully before saying, “Even if you’re shameless enough to wear it, I’d be too embarrassed. Alright, don’t forget the time. It’s seven tonight. If you dare come late again, I’ll crush your balls.”

The party tonight was a private event and not a school event. Therefore, everyone could wear whatever they wanted, or one could even choose to go in their birthday suit. The only thing nobody would wear were the same formal suits and dresses they had worn for prom.

Luke nodded with a smile.

Jimena stepped forward and gave him a long French kiss before saying, “Alright, see you tonight. Martha’s still waiting for me at the supermarket.”

Luke nodded with the same smile on his face. “See you tonight.”

When Jimena saw his expression, she couldn’t resist stepping forward and nibbling lightly on his ear before speaking into it. “Don’t you have any bold ideas? Hehe, don’t forget to search Robert’s bedside cabinet.”

Luke nodded solemnly. “Yes, I will. I promise.”

As for what he could find in Robert’s bedside cabinet, it definitely wasn’t a gun.

Gazing at Jimena’s departing back, Luke rubbed his chin and muttered, “Based on what’s going to happen tonight, do I need to bring an entire box over?”

Just as Luke was busy thinking about his private affair that night, Robert’s voice rang out behind him. “I see the brat has grown up. He’s even flirting with girls in front of the police department now.”

Luke smiled before turning around. “By the way, Robert, I have a party tonight. But I’ll visit your bedroom before that.”

Robert blanked out slightly before raising an eyebrow. “Hehe, sure. Do as you wish. I have some lube as well. Do you want it?”

Luke replied, “No, thanks. I’m far more skilled than you are.”

Robert raged, “Piss off, you damn brat!”

Luke said, “Give me lunch first. I’m hungry again.”

A while later, Robert chased Luke out of the police department, the latter holding a large paper bag.

Luke looked at Robert, who entered the building again, and his lips curled up before he sat down in front of the building and started eating his lunch slowly.

He didn’t care too much about the party. Even with Jimena’s hint, he still wasn’t particularly moved.

The two had been in a relationship for two years. Anything they could do, they had already done. He had an 18-year-old body, but his soul was in fact 30 years old.

He continued disturbing the system in his mind while he ate his lunch. After lunch, he leisurely headed home.

After walking for a couple of hundred meters, he met Smith, his neighbor. Thus, he got a free ride home.

And at six on the dot, Luke left his house after he was done getting ready.

Apart from a shower and a clean outfit, he didn’t need to dress up in anything fancy for the party.

And he didn’t need to drive. Martha’s house was in the same small town, and was only about a 10-minute bicycle ride from his place.

He rode his bicycle leisurely along the road, and when he stopped at a particular traffic light, he heard a shout not far away. “Come, Mickey, come home with granny. We’re having your favorite canned fish tonight!”

Luke turned around and smiled at what he saw.

He got off his bicycle and left it resting against the railing along the road before he walked over and said, “Lucy, is Mickey being naughty again?”

This was a granny around 60 years old. She had a petite body and her white hair was pulled up neatly with a few hair clips. Her face was filled with wrinkles, but one could still see that she had definitely been a big beauty when she was young.

She turned around, and when she saw Luke, she felt immensely relieved. “Ah, Skywalker, use your force and help me out. Get this troublemaker down here for me.”

Luke gave a police salute and said, “Yes, ma’am!”

Granny Lucy smiled. “Oh, am I Obi-Wan now?”

Luke replied with a smile, “Yes, you are. Otherwise, how can you command me around?” As he spoke, he made use of a small opening in the wall to push himself up before he grabbed at the eaves with both hands.

Applying some force, he found that the eaves were stable, and spoke again. “Come here, Mickey. Follow granny back and have your dinner.”

An American Shorthair cat sat there looking at him with its head tilted. The cat didn’t run, and Luke was able to grab it easily with one hand before jumping off the wall.

After he handed the cat called Mickey to Granny Lucy, the two said goodbye and parted ways.

Granny Lucy was one of his neighbors, and lived three houses away from him. Mickey would occasionally hang out at Luke’s place. Thus, Mickey was rather familiar with him. That was why Luke had been able to catch Mickey so easily.

While Lucy took her sweet time driving back home, Luke encountered something that gave him a pleasant surprise.

He had received another response from the system!

Mission: Help a town resident, save a cat. Mission accomplished. Two experience and credit points have been obtained as a reward.

But what surprised Luke wasn’t the experience nor the credit.

It was only two points, which was almost negligible.

What surprised Luke more was the fact that one of his guesses had been verified yet again.

The system had indeed been officially activated. This time, it was truly active, unlike the previous activation and synchronization, and also unlike the first mission he had done to become a police officer.

Based on the fact that the mission had been deemed complete after he signed the final document, it was more the official identity as a police officer that had been required for the mission rather than him actually performing a task as a police officer.

And now, this cat rescue mission was also something that had appeared before he had even started his job.

This indicated that the experience and credit rewarded by the system weren’t limited to his job or working hours.

Rather, so long as he was officially a police officer, his actions and conduct would earn him experience and credit.

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