Versatile Mage

Chapter 3101  Create the Realm of the Magic God

3101  Create the Realm of the Magic God

Even if the Forbidden Curse of the twelve elements were fused together after being derived from their original sources, their power was far beyond the peak of any single element Forbidden Curse. When Mo Fan completed the fusion of these Forbidden Curses, his eyes were no longer shining and unfocused. His eyes turned back to their original dark brown and were calm, as if he was an ordinary person who had nothing to do with magic.

The Cage of Space was compressed quietly. It had changed from a terrifying size, enough to cover the entire space of hundreds of kilometers, into a small, dull area. It was just above Michael, like a vertical spotlight on a dimly lit stage.

However, the Cage of Space was not as warm and shining as the spotlight. It seemed to have isolated Michael from this world. People could see Michael, but he was imprisoned in the back of a plane. At the back of the plane, he could see endless dust of destruction floating around.

Michael saw the galaxy in the distance, the meteor nearby, and the immortal creatures in the plane dimension turn into dust. He also felt that the real power of destruction was approaching and disintegrating his divine power!

"This is impossible! This is impossible! He violated the laws of heaven, while I followed the laws. He should be the one disappearing into thin air, not me!" Michael panicked in the back of the plane.

The twelve elements of Forbidden Curses!

How could Mo Fan reach that kind of divine realm?

He could easily throw an angel like Michael to the back of the plane, a dimension full of destruction, and let Michael fend for himself.

He was the real demon!



Michael's howl reverberated in the quiet Holy City.

This howl made the hundreds and thousands of people in Holy City panic because they had felt the effect of Mo Fan's Cage of Space too. Mo Fan could kill hundreds and thousands of people in the Holy City with the twelve elements of Forbidden Curses and throw them into an unknown dimension of destruction, just like he did with Michael.

Mo Fan was already able to control the Forbidden Cage. He could even turn the twelve elements of the Forbidden Curse, capable of destroying the world, into a gentle gust of wind that could destroy the willpower of a Sixteen-Winged Blazing Angel!

Mo Fan stood calmly under the Holy City. Just like any other ordinary person, he did not have holy brilliance on his body. However, the realm he had reached would make all those who cultivated magic shudder in terror!

He could already derive magic elements that he had never cultivated. This meant that he would be able to master all the power of White Magic as time passed.

In no time, all the contracts of Black Magic would also become part of the almighty Magic God!

"So, this is the profound meaning of Fusion Magic. It's all my fault. I failed in protecting the real god." After seeing this scene before her, Sharjah in Sky Holy City became even more grief-stricken. She covered her face and wept.

She had missed out on serving a great person!

The next level of fusion was creation. If every mage could use all magic elements when learning, what kind of advancement would this bring to human magic civilization? Fusion magic should be taught to everyone.

In a few years, there would be a genius who could understand Mo Fan's current realm. Mo Fan could use fusion to derive magic and then create new magic after it. As long as people mastered the principle, everyone could become an All-Elements Mage. Everyone would be able to do it!

It would be a glorious era!

People would no longer rely on Awakening stones and would not be limited to a single element. They could choose the power they were most skilled at to go higher and farther in the realm of magic, and they could allocate magic resources more reasonably.


The Cage of Space closed suddenly, and the twelve wings behind Michael shattered.

Michael was indeed the most powerful angel on earth. He used all his strength to break all his wings and finally escaped Mo Fan's twelve elements of Forbidden Curses.

His hair was disheveled. His face was pale. He could not even stand upright.

"Without wings, you're just an ordinary person. With your view of the world, you're not suitable to be the supreme ruler of this world." Mo Fan walked toward Michael, and the terrifying Elemental Storm suddenly hit the Holy City.

All the ruins were blown away into the air. The place Mo Fan stepped on, sank. Michael felt an aura that was so powerful that it was difficult to resist. That aura made it difficult for Michael to breathe.

Michael backed away. He could still fight. He started to cast all kinds of magic. Each magic originated from the ancient secret spells of the Holy City, and each baptism reached the level of Forbidden Curse.

Mo Fan passed through the magical gunpowder. Although he had not yet reached the state that could disintegrate everything like the Cold Moon Demon Lord, he could already smash many Forbidden Curses with one punch, especially when Michael had no wings anymore.

Each wing had given him additional holy power, so Michael was weak without his wings.

"If I'm not suitable, who is? You?" Michael asked angrily.

"I didn't say I'm suitable, either. However, I have the strength to abolish you, at the least!" Mo Fan said.

"Hahahaha, you can defeat me, but you can't defeat the Holy City. You only have the strength to abolish me, but you don't have the strength to abolish the Holy City. Take a good look behind you!" Michael laughed.

Mo Fan turned around and saw several people. He did not know when they appeared. They had evaded his senses.

Mo Fan knew these people. They were Archangel Ramiel, Archangel Rafael, and Archangel Uri.

He had almost forgotten that there were seven archangels in the Holy City!

"Mo Fan, you can't just take away Michael's position as an angel!" Ramiel said angrily.

Ramiel suddenly spread his twelve wings and displayed the majesty of the angel in charge of the Holy City. He seemed far stronger than he looked, even if he only had twelve wings!

"Mo Fan, the other archangels, and I didn't intervene in your battle with Michael. While we respect the unknown, we can't simply abolish the inherent rules. We can only wait and see what happens," Rafael said slowly.

"You can represent a new god, create new magic and new elements. We can announce to the world that Michael is taking the wrong path. However, you can't kill Michael," Uri said.

Rafael and Uri also spread their angel wings at the same time. Rafael had fourteen wings, so he was at a level higher than Ramiel.

Uri surprised Mo Fan. He was a Blazing Angel of the same level as Michael and had sixteen wings!


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