Taking advantage of the beauty being poor, fooling her into being my girlfriend
Chapter 434 - 434 An Nuonuo: Brother Xu, Please Let Me Go_1Translator: 549690339Jiang Xu went to the restroom outside the restaurant to relieve himself.In the private room, the atmosphere was a bit chilly.An Nuonuo felt somewhat intimidated by Wang Shiya.Primarily because this girl was just too cold, it seemed as if the temperature inthe air dropped significantly wherever she was.“An Nuonuo!” Wang Shiya spoke up, “Are you interested in partnering with meto start an international fashion company?“Ah?” An Nuonuo was startled, “Me? Why?”The two hadn’t met often and didn’t know much about each other.It was natural for An Nuonuo to find such a sudden proposal strange.“There’s no particular reason, I just find you pleasing to the eye.”This reason might seem ludicrous, but it was actually Wang Shiya’s heartfelt truth.Due to personal reasons, she was actually isolated among groups of women.This isolation was more a matter of her own volition.Because she didn’t want to make friends with people she felt were not on the same wavelength or that she deemed of no value.An Nuonuo was one of the few people who Wang Shiya found very comfortable and pleasing at first sight, and towards whom she felt the desire to initiate a friendship.An Nuonuo paused for a second, then quickly broke into a happy smile.Even though Wang Shiya was icy, she could feel the sincerity.However, she didn’t agree immediately but said she’d discuss it with her boyfriend first.Wang Shiya nodded.The meal ended and both parties left separately.On the way back, An Nuonuo took the initiative to tell Jiang Xu about Wang Shiya wanting to start an international fashion company with her.‘■That’s fine,” Jiang Xu affirmed the idea, saying, “when the time comes, have someone discuss the details to make sure there are no traps in the contract.” An international fashion brand could be very profitable.And not to mention anything else, just having An Nuonuo and Wang Shiya, two stunning female bosses, standing there would already be a live advertisement; they certainly wouldn’t have to worry about sales.An Nuonuo nodded like a pecking chicken.As long as she could make money and take more responsibilities off Jiang Xu, that was fine.After getting home, Jiang Xu suddenly had an idea. “Nuonuo, how about we shoot a TV series?“Ah?” An Nuonuo blinked, “Why?”Jiang Xu smiled, “We’ll just capture our process of getting to know and fallingin love with each other as a memento.We’ll decide whether to release it later based on the situation.I’ve even thought of the name, ‘Taking advantage of the school beauty’s poor family to coax her into being my girlfriend.’ What do you think?” An Nuonuo’s eyes sparkled, and she was very tempted.Just the thought was incredibly romantic.She agreed immediately.She was somewhat impatient already.And so the matter was settled.After taking a bath, the two of them turned on the computer.Jiang Xu wanted to get the outline sorted out first.An Nuonuo stood behind Jiang Xu, leaned over, rested her chin on his shoulder, and watched as he wrote the outline.With a slight frown, she murmured, “Brother Xu, don’t write about Zhou like this.”Jiang Xu was writing Zhou Qingyue’s character design based on her actual persona, without any exaggeration or embellishment.However, since his future wife had spoken up, Jiang Xu made some beautifications.The TV series would mainly focus on their love story.With some additional narrative on career and friendship as support.If possible, Jiang Xu wished for the major characters to be played by the respective real-life individuals-for that would be perfect.After spending more than two hours finishing the outline and revising it thoroughly,An Nuonuo read the outline from start to finish several times.The more she looked, the more satisfied she became, and she couldn’t help but grab Jiang Xu’s hand and say, “So when do we start shooting? I can’t wait any longer.”Jiang Xu’s mouth curled slightly upwards, “There’s no rush. Have you forgotten something?”“Ah?” An Nuonuo paused, then her face instantly turned beet red.Suddenly pointing towards the window, she said, “Quick, look, what’s that?” Then she turned and ran towards the outside of the house. Jiang Xu, of course, wasn’t fooled by such a childish trick. With the speed of lightning, he grabbed An Nuonuo’s collar from behind, preventing her escape.He scoffed, “Miss An Nuonuo, what’s this? Planning to back out now? Remember, it was agreed-if I won the computer competition, you’d wear that kind of clothes for me to see.The clothes have been bought; are you thinking of running now?An Nuonuo had agreed to Jiang Xu’s condition, actually taking it as a gamble. The style of those clothes embarrassed her just by looking at them once. Putting them on—how mortifying that would be.Thus, she resorted to a special skill unique to girls: acting stubbornly, hoping to muddle through.Seeing that Jiang Xu remained unmoved, she came up with another plan.Acting coquettishly.“Brother Xu, please let me off, I really can’t wear that, how about we switch to something else?”After speaking, she looked at Jiang Xu with watery, pleading eyes. Together with slightly puckered pink lips and a soft, velvety voice, she was nearly irresistible even to a saint.“Ahem.” Jiang Xu coughed strategically, “It’s not that we can’t discuss it, so you just…”He leaned in close to An Nuonuo’s ear and whispered a few words.An Nuonuo’s face was already quite red, and at this, it became even more flushed.Given two choices, after a bit of hesitation, An Nuonuo still went for the second one.At least it was less embarrassing.Jiang Xu wore a smile on his face.One could only say that An Nuonuo was in for a treat tonight.The next day, Jiang Xu told Zhou Qingyue about his plan to shoot a documentary with An Nuonuo and asked if she was willing to star in it. No more than five minutes had passed after the message was sent when she called back.Fuming, she said, “Jiang Xu, you’re really a dog, aren’t you? You’re deliberately rubbing salt into my wounds, right?Where is your conscience, doesn’t it hurt at all? Jiang Xu replied indifferently, “Look at the script first before you say anything.If you agree, the company has three major female lead TV dramas lined up, andI can give you the lead role.”“Oh my, Brother Jiang, when do we start shooting?” Zhou Qingyue changed her tune in an instant.Her voice was affected and coy, “Just let me know when, I’m at your beck and call.”Jiang Xu: “Heh, women.”Zhou Qingyue: “Love you, boss, mwah.”Jiang Xu was exhausted, “Alright, I’ll let you know when the time comes.” Today, Jiang Xu wasn’t going to the school; instead, he was making a trip to the Mei Zhu factory.He needed to follow up on the development progress of the Mei Zhu Mgplus. Upon arriving at the factory, he was received by a manager.As they walked, the manager reported the progress of the phone, which was meant to compete with the iPhone X.The completion status was already around ninety-five percent.It was expected to be finished soon.During the conversation, they arrived at the workshop.Wang Zhang was also there, constantly pushing the progress of this highly anticipated phone.Upon seeing Jiang Xu, he didn’t bother with small talk but immediately pulled him into the office.He placed the Mei Zhu M9plus on the table: “Come on, give it a try. See if there’s anything that needs to be improved?”